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With our scanners, you will detect defects directly in the cutting area. In this way, you can prevent expensive, time-consuming finishing of defective glass right at the beginning of the value chain. Depending on the prevailing problem, different approaches can be selected and thus different scanners can be used.

Detection of gross errors


Do you have an only moderate raw glass quality?


Then it makes particularly sense for you to start right at the beginning of the value chain. This is exactly where the Jumbo Controller comes into play: installed between the tilting and cutting tables, it detects those defects in the delivered raw glass that are definitely leading to a claim. Without any ifs and buts and without prior washing. In the "manual" mode of operation, it displays the defect positions in the cutting plan; defective sheets can be taken out of production immediately after breaking.

Equipped with an additional interface to the PPS system, the Jumbo Controller transfers the defect positions to a re-optimization of the PPS software package. Then the cutting plan is re-optimized around the defect positions. This results in a greater real yield of good glass.

Contour check for rectangular sheets


After breaking, bad edges or broken corners are your problem?


The Quality Checker SG helps you here behind the Z-break. With its telecentric brightfield channel it looks perpendicularly at the passing glass and checks the edges for noses and undercuts as well as the squareness with a diagonal measurement. However, since normally the glass has not been washed at this point and cutting oil can interfere with the detection, the check for cracks and chips at this point is difficult.

The badly broken panes can be marked via a PPS connection and be (automatically) rejected at the right time and position. Especially with a higher degree of automation, it is important that all sheets are checked for reasonable broken edges before being put into a sorting system. That later would cause delays and additional expenses, most probably then under time pressure and at a production bottleneck (e.g. IG line).

Your benefits

Early defect detection

Defected glasses do not enter the next steps of the value chain.


Issues in cutting or breaking are earlier discovered and can faster be handled.

Better workflows

When defected glass is already sortet out and recut, fewer glasses need to be handled next to the standard production plans.


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