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Mirror production and paint coating

Originally, our equipment was designed for panes with a minimum transmittance of 30%. However, the market quickly demanded that we also provide testing equipment for non-transmissive glass such as paint-coated facade panels or kitchen back splashs and, of course, also for silver mirrors or highly reflective position 1 mirrors.

Detection of defects on the glass and paint side


Due to your production processes, you repeatedly generate scratches in the glass or have problems with raw glass defects!


The defects mentioned cannot be detected in direct light transmission, since the undamaged paint or mirror coating let transmit little or no light. Thus, in direct transmission, only scratches in the paint or cover layer that are completely continuous and thus allow light to pass through, can be seen. Scratches on the glass side and also bubbles or seeds can be detected in the darkfield channel in reflection. The camera and illumination of the Quality Scanner 2D are on the same side. When raw glass defects are detected, the defect itself is measured with its core size, the surrounding wave (warp) is not taken into account.


You produce white or bright-colored spandrels and do not want the insulation material to shine through on the building site.


The Quality Scanner 1D checks the homogenity of the paint layer. The ceramic paint of the future spandrel is applied (roller coater, screen printing or sprayer, etc.) and then dried. Behind the dryer, the surface print is checked and evaluated. Here, imperfections or severe inhomogenities can be detected before the panel is tempered and the decision can be made to rework the panel or to wash the paint off completely and reprint it. Thus, no expensive base material is lost.

Since the paint coating is always applied to the top of the glass, the camera set is positioned below and the illumination above the transport.

Your benefits


The inspection of mirrors allows for optimizing the cutting around the defects.


All quality control results are logged and made available for internal or external purposes.

Complete process control

Expensive base glasses will be saved and the delivery quality will meet the customer's agreements and expectations.


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