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Laminated glass

Our systems with their precise, camera-based image processing systems reliably monitor the quality of the laminated glass during the various stages of production. They can be integrated before or in the clean room to inspect the individual pane, or after the autoclave to inspect the finished laminate.

Detection of glass defects on the single pane Figure


Do you want to check the individual sheets for optical defects before lamination?


Objective and consistent inspection over the entire production time by the Quality Scanner 3D.
The scanner is placed before or in the clean room shortly after the washing machine. There, it reliably detects all types of glass defects: In the inspection station in the clean room, the system stops defective glass and visualizes the defects clearly and precisely via the monitor. Contaminated glass can be preserved with a further cleaning process, defective glass is rejected. And this 24/7, if required. With the use of the Quality Scanner 3D, the cycle time can even be decreased, since qualitatively perfect glass does not have to be checked again manually and the defect detection is accelerated by the visualization on the display.

If the requirements for inspection accuracy are only in the standard range and the scanner does not necessarily have to be integrated into the PPS or line software, the ECO Scanner is an excellent low-cost alternative, especially for retrofitting to an existing line.

Detection of glass defects in laminated glass


The delivery quality of the laminated glass repeatedly leads to complaints.


An inspection of the laminated glass must then take place after the autoclave. A special inspection line with a washing machine and a good inspection belt would be ideal. The Quality Scanner 2D (with coating inspection: Quality Scanner 3D) integrated in these lines, after the washing machine helps to eliminate all doubts. Either as a final inspection of a monolithic glass for interior use or as an intermediate inspection of a pre-product for an insulating glass. And of course, the inspection software creates a separate result report for each checked glass.

Your Benefits

Complete process control

All quality aspects of the processed single pane as well as the whole laminated glass are taken into account accor-ding to your requirements.


All quality control results are logged and made available for internal or external purposes.

Focus on your topics

The performance of the scanners and the breadth of the product range enable a precise focus on your tasks.


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