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Sputter coating

With the increase in performance, our scanners are now also in use in the sputter coating area. Either to ensure the optical quality of the substrate before coating or to optically inspect the coated glass after the sputter line.

Detection of residues on glass surfaces


As the washing medium of a washing machine before the sputter line becomes increasingly contaminated, the cleanness of the surfaces suffers. Washing residues remain on the surfaces and cause major problems in the subsequent sputtering process.


A maximum acceptable contamination level is specified in a test recipe, resulting in a "Critical" or "Poor" rating. If the degree of contamination approaches these levels, a message system is set in motion to the relevant persons in order to renew the cleaning media or to plan the necessary maintenance action soonest possible. Our Quality Scanner 2D Coating (brightfield transmission and darkfield reflection), which is specialized for exactly this purpose, checks in particular the upward facing glass surface, which is usually coated.

Detection of coating issues


The inspection of the coating for pinholes, flaws, overvoltage defects (arcing) and other typical defect patterns is carried out by employees who, of course, cannot detect and document all defects at the same time.


The Quality Scanner 2D Coating detects the described defects even at a transport speed of up to 80 m/min. In addition, scratches on the bottom surface, which may be caused by internal transport, are also detected. Of course, the defect coordinates can be assigned to the substrate. By assigning a barcode, the coated glass can be individualized and the defect coordinates can be given to the customer.

Your benefits


The automatized evaluation of washing results enables better planning of maintenance actions.


All quality control results are logged and made available for internal or external purposes.

Complete process control

Before serial defects creep in during sputtering, they are detected and reported by the software.


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