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Quality Checker IG

The Quality Checker reliably carries out the final check of your insulating glass for quality and dimensions. The place of use is in the insulating glass line behind the press. There, in addition to typical optical defects such as Butyl pressed into the visible area or other high-contrast defects such as scratches, bubbles or inclusions, it can also check the spacer positions and the parallelism of muntin bars in relation to the glass edge. At the same time, the system documents all quality-related test results. In this way you reduce your complaint costs to a minimum, reliably secure your delivery quality promises and are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

The channels used

The patented Telecentric Brightfield Channel of the Quality Checker Series is an evolution of the brightfield channel that you have long known as the base channel for the Quality Scanner. Despite the camera opening angle, it allows the pane to be viewed exactly perpendicularly, which is particularly necessary for measuring the contour, the spacer positions and the parallelism of the glazing bars in relation to the glass edge.

The testing processes

The planar vertical viewing of the pane is achieved by using a special lens technique to radiate parallel light onto the assembled insulating glass unit. When the light passes through, the detected defects, spacers and glazing bars create a two-dimensional image through a parallel projection onto a film-like diffuser between the glass and the camera. The camera picks up the details from this diffuser. With this patented process, the camera can take all the details of the three-dimensional glass body, including the glass defects, spacers and muntin bars, from a two-dimensional surface and so carry out precise dimensioning and checking of the spacer positions and the parallelism of the muntin bars in relation to the glass edge.

Area of application


  • High contrast defects (bubbles, inclusions, scratches, Butyl, etc.)
  • Position of Spacers against own recipes
  • Parallelism check of muntin bars in relation to glass edges

Modularly expandable

  • Only brightfield channel (according to standards, e.g. ASTM C1036 or EN 1279 I)
  • Optional control of size and contour

Options to

  • Improvement of the workflow (e.g. Defect Pointer, traffic lights, second operator station, etc.)
  • Support for automation (connection to lines, ERP or PPS systems)
  • Adaptation to special lines (control speed, oversized glasses, special glasses)
  • Storage and use of data (dashboard, reports, archive)

Technical specifications

Unit height/width

Up to 3.30 m as standard


Horizontal or vertical

Maximum glass sizes

3.30 m x 6.00 m, optional up to 25 m

Glass types that can be tested

Doubles, Triples, …, made of float, tinted glass, tempered, laminated, LowE, sun protection, fire resistant glass, etc.

Glass thicknesses

Up to 60 mm – optional up to 100 mm, beyond upon request

Transport speed

Up to 50 m/min optional up to 80 m/min


The Quality Checker can check all unit types, no matter how many individual panes you want to connect with spacers.

The need to measure the spacers and muntin bars requires a parallel projection onto a two-dimensional diffuser with a viewing angle of 0°. The diffuser is designed to block side light to not allow distortion of the parallel light projection. However, this would also shield the light from the side of the darkfield and reflection channel of a Quality Scanner. A direct combination within a single device is therefore not physically possible.

The Quality Checker checks in direct view (brightfield transmission) with a viewing angle of 0° from the side. He only “sees” the spacer as a dark solid bar. However, the two outer Butyl strings can be checked with an extension unit in reflection. If of interest, we ask for your request.

The Quality Checker requires a 60 mm gap in your insulating glass line after the press. The gap must allow an unobstructed view on the glass. In the case of vertical lines between the glass line and the upper edge of the line and in the case of horizontal lines over the entire width of the roll. The drives can be ignored both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, the installation of the camera housing requires a certain distance to the glass line. We will be happy to provide you with information on how we will handle it in your individual case.

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