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Even if manufacturers have continuously optimized their furnaces in the past, the measurement of waviness and edge kink remains of central importance. The need to drive the furnaces to their limits for productivity reasons involves the risk that they are sometimes easily exceeded. This then leads to loss of quality. However, in order not to exceed the limits as far as possible, suitable tools are required. This applies in particular to rollerwaves in the glass caused by the furnace, which not only cause optical distortions in the end product, but also later problems with possible further processing into laminated or insulating glass. The Temper Scanner 5D helps you to optimize your product quality with this new function of rollerwave inspection and all the previously known channels that were already available to you behind the furnace.

The channels used

The Temper Scanner works with a completely new type of optical geometry measurement. Viprotron uses the proven line cameras to combine the new rollerwaves control function with the well-known functions of anisotropy measurement, haze localization and the detection of optical defects in the brightfield and reflection channel. Depending on the requirements, only the rollerwave test or all other functions can be used separately or in any combination behind your furnace. This flexibility to use up to 5 exact matching channels helps you to address exactly the problems you have and not to deploy an overall package with superfluous functions.

The testing processes

Many years of experience in the use of line scan cameras has meant that Viprotron can also use this high-performance technology in the field of rollerwave measurement. With a new geometry-based measurement approach, Viprotron determines the local waviness in Milli Diopters and shows you exactly where the problem areas are in the glass.

All manifestations of rollerwaves (local saddles or arches, edge kink and bows) are of course covered. The measurement is taken in the direction of travel of the glass through the furnace and is verified with cross direction calculations. This ensures a high level of repeatability.

Areas of application


  • Rollerwaves, edge kink and other optical distortion
  • Optional measurements of anisotropies
  • Optional localization of White Haze
  • Optional detection of high-contrast defects in brightfield (scratches, inclusions, bubbles, etc.)
  • Optional detection of coating defects

Modularly expandable

  • The basis is the measurement of rollerwaves and edge phenomena
  • Expandable with anisotropy channel (according to standards, e.g. DIN SPEC 18198 or ASTM C1901 21)
  • Expandable with White Haze channel
  • Expandable with brightfield channel
  • Expandable with reflection channel

Options to

  • Improvement of the workflow (e.g. traffic lights, second operating station for furnace operators, etc.)
  • Support for automation (connection to lines, ERP or PPS systems)
  • Storage and use of data (dashboard, reports, archive)

Technical specifications

Unit height/width

Up to 3.30 m as standard


Horizontal or vertical

Maximum glass sizes

3.30 m x 6.00 m - optionally up to 25 m in length

Glass types that can be tested

Tempered glass made of float, tinted glass, LowE, sun protection glass, etc.

Glass thicknesses

Up to 20 mm – optionally thicker

Transport speed

25 m/min


The test for rollerwaves and edge kink was designed in such a way that a retrofit installation runs with comparatively few complications. Our scanner does not have any special requirements for the furnace outlet, such as black rollers or rollers with a balanced height profile.

We are in talks with various furnace manufacturers or are already developing this feedback. Unfortunately, the topic is very complex and it will probably take some time before an automatic control circuit is available for every major furnace manufacturer.

The proven displays will continue to be available. Separate displays will remain for the rollerwave test and for the other test methods if you want a quicker overview at the furnace outlet. Various displays can also be combined on request when installing the Temper Scanner.

All values determined and measured by our scanners can be saved for further analysis. At this point we also recommend our extended statistics package, which can ease a large part of your work.

Factsheet Temper Scanner

The most important information and advantages of the Temper Scanner at a glance.

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