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The earlier defects are detected, the better. That is why we have developed an intelligent glass scanner with our Jumbo Controller, which shines with one outstanding advantage: placed in the cutting area, every high contrasted defect from Ø 1 mm in the glass is identified there, which will definitely lead to a complaint. Without ifs and buts and without prior washing.
This highly productive solution will definitely impress your controllers, too. This is how you maximize your profitability in the value chain right from the start. Cut glass with defects can be taken out of production before further processing or the waste areas are positioned on glass defects in the cutting plan.

The channels used

The system with up to two different camera/illumination arrangements (brightfield and reflection channel) is integrated directly after the tilt table and before the cutting table in order to check the raw glass before cutting. This control position avoids additional contamination from the cutting oil. The individual separation powder particles that are already present at the time of the check are hidden.

Each of the two channels is focusing on specific types of defects that are optically detected differently. Since the Jumbo Controller has a modular structure, you only need to use the reflection channel if you also want to control coatings.

The testing processes

The Jumbo Controller detects high-contrast defects in the raw glass starting at a diameter of at least one millimeter. This restriction is necessary because the glass is not washed at this point. The types of glass that can be checked next to float also include tinted or coated as well as laminated glass.

In the manual workflow, the glasses are cut according to the original cutting plan. An additional monitor shows the worker at the breaking table which pane has a major defect. This pane is then checked by the worker and scrapped if the displayed defect turns out to be a core defect or – if the displayed defect turns out to be an accumulation of separation powder or dirt – roughly cleaned and used for further processing.

In the automated process, the defect coordinates of both, defect-marked or -unmarked raw glass, are reported to the re-optimization of your PPS manufacturer. Taking into account the defect positions, a new cutting plan is calculated, in which either a cut, a waste area or the smallest possible sheet is assigned to the defect coordinates.

Area of application


  • High contrast defects (bubbles, inclusions, scratches, etc.)
  • Coating defects also in bright LowE (coating scratches, pinholes)
  • Detection of glass breakage
  • Control of rectangularity

Modularly expandable

  • Base is brightfield channel
  • Expandable with reflection channel (direct reflection)

Options to

  • Improvement of the workflow (e.g. traffic light, second operator station, etc.)
  • Support for automation (connection to ERP or PPS or re-optimization systems)
  • Adaptation to special lines (control speed, oversized glasses, special glasses)
  • Storage and use of data (dashboard, reports, archive)

Technical specifications

Unit height/width

Up to 3.30 m as standard


Horizontal or vertical

Maximum glass sizes

3.30 m x 6.00 m, optional up to 25 m

Glass types that can be tested

Float, tinted, laminated glass, LowE, sun protection, etc.

Glass thicknesses

3 to 20 mm, beyond upon request

Transport speed

Up to 50 m/min


Due to the fact that the Jumbo Controller controls unwashed glass and checks it at the beginning of the process chain, in order to achieve and maintain a certain level of quality, it is mandatory to carry out checks at other points in production and then after a washing machine. An analysis of the existing defect patterns should be carried out in advance in order to determine the most effective place and the suitable scanner type for a further check.

Of course it could. But then the separation powder particles also will be classified as defects, which negates the benefit of the Jumbo Controller. This scanner is only intended to prevent seriously defected panes from experiencing further added value, which will certainly lead to internal or external complaints later on.

Of course! You can adjust your Jumbo Controller accordingly via the quality recipes.

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