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We inspect your glass

We are the technology leader for highly efficient glass scanners in the quality control of architectural glass. During production, inclusions, bubbles, process-related scratches, roll marks, waviness, or anisotropies occur repeatedly.

Our scanner systems are designed for precisely these defect patterns and guarantee maximum reliability in quality control. The result is high product quality, reduced waste and optimized process flows. This saves you time and money.

Automate quality control and reliably detect defects

Manual quality control involves a high risk of errors. These are annoying for your customers and cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, Viprotron has completely automated quality management with its scanners. Defects can be detected earlier and more reliably. With different products, every phase of glass production can be optimized.

Use AI and become highly productive

Our scanners are able to find and classify relevant defects. The evaluation results are therefore a reliable aid to speed up the inspection process. With up to five different channels, Viprotron scanners set the benchmark for defect detection in the construction glass industry. Based on the amount of data provided by the different channels, the classification and evaluation of defects is already at an excellent level.

Nevertheless, Viprotron uses AI tools to further improve the classification results and achieve nearly 100% accuracy - for increased efficiency, better delivery quality and cost savings.

The most common and costly problem areas in glass production

In our first eBook we make a short foray through the individual process steps and show with a few examples that even in existing and well-rehearsed productions great targets can be achieved by a multitude of small steps.

Technology leader for highly efficient glass scanners

Numerous patented scanner systems optimized for special tasks help you to maintain your product quality at a high level or even improve it. Numerous machine and software manufacturers are happy to use us as an OEM partner.

Scanner systems in use
OEM Partner

Your benefits

Take benefit of our experience and detailed knowledge of the industry.

Reduction of complaint rates

The objective test criteria of our scanners support you in delivering a level of quality expected by the customer. Result: fewer complaints!

Higher productivity

Inspection effort is minimized, since the employees are directly informed of the errors. Result: Lower cycle times result in higher productivity!

Cost savings

The timely detection of optical defects gives you the opportunity to have glasses reworked or cleaned. Result: no duplication of work and thus saving of direct costs!

Documentation and archive

All results of the scanner checks are documented and archived. Result: You have a tool for complaint processing at your disposal!

Statistical quality evaluations

All data is collected and available to your QA manager for extensive analyses. Result: Serial defects are avoided and problems in production are detected!

Fast amortization

The amortization of a scanner is usually just under one year if you buy it. In the case of leasing, it's even just a few months. Result: lease instead of buy and enjoy the benefits of scanners quickly!

Our greatest drive is the satisfaction of our customers

We are pleased about the long-standing, trusting and exciting cooperation with our customers. Each project is individual, which entails a continuous development of our company. Benefit from our industry-specific knowledge, as well as from the comprehensive understanding of the needs of our long-standing customers worldwide.


We are even planning to buy our third 3D scanner in the near future!

Rusty Neubauer

We can recommend Viprotron scanners without reservation.

Andreas Herzog


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