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The most common and costly problem areas in glass production

What is your biggest point of pain?

  • Costly complaints?

  • Additional production effort?

  • Delivery date delays?

  • Lost productivity?

  • Employee stress and employee safety?

  • Poor employee qualifications?

  • Deteriorating glass and coating quality?

  • Enormous price increases for glass?

  • ...


What is your desired state?

  • How can I produce a top product for the end customer despite deteriorating glass and coating quality and regardless of the qualification of the employees?

  • How can I ensure even short-term delivery dates?

  • How can I further reduce productivity losses?

  • How can I counter price increases for glass?

  • ...


How can we help to achieve this desired state?

  • Identify glass defects immediately and get the most out of the good raw material available!

  • Reduce scrap by rework or reoptimization already in cutting!

  • Increase productivity by inspecting at an early stage or shortening long manual inspection processes!

  • Through automation and employee-independent objective inspection processes!

  • ...


In our first E-BOOK we make a short foray through the individual process steps and show with a few examples that even in existing and well-rehearsed productions great targets can be achieved by a multitude of small steps.




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