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Potential check for all processing stages

This small questionnaire is intended to help you identify potential for avoiding defects. Small steps to avoid defect sources at various points in your production, which unnoticed lead to productivity losses and thus to avoidable cost. Take advantage of our experience from many projects in all production stages in the field of architectural glass to start exactly there.

The following is a small excerpt from work steps that are valid in all production areas, such as "onload on", "quality control" that takes place parallel to production and subsequent "offload" of the pane. We deliberately do not go into the specific problems of each individual production stage here at the beginning. That would be too much work for a first step and we can do that in detail with you for each production stage later. Soon we will offer a potential check for each production area listed on our homepage.

Lets start with our first questionnaire:


Visual inspection

If still in the planning stage

If already in use